Employer tips

Benefits of an active workplace

By making your business active transportation friendly you can help improve the health of your employees and customers, which in turn benefits your business. Regular exercise helps employees feel more energized, alert and happy. According to the BC Recreation and Parks Association and Canadian Research Institute, healthy employees can also save your business money through:

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved staff moral
  • Lower absenteeism and less turnover
  • Fewer accidents and insurance claims
  • Lower training and orientation cost
  • More receptive working climate 

Plus more employees choosing active transportation means more parking spaces available for your customers.

Participate in Central Okanagan's Bike to Work Week event, held annually to encourage commuter cycling in your workplace.

Consider installing a bike rack out front for customers and employees. To learn more about what you can do to encourage and facilitate bicycle transportation at your business visit the smartTRIPS Bike parking section.

ProPasses help to encourage employees to use transit, learn more about the ProPass program.