Bike to Work Week

Bike to Work encourages employees to create workplace teams and log their cycling commutes to win prizes and compete against other local organizations. Each day there is a Celebration Station around the Central Okanagan providing free tune ups, snacks and prizes to commuters travelling to and from work.

Bike to Work and School Week is the last week of May every year.

How Bike to Work Week works
Workplace teams

One person signs up his or her workplace (or department/group) as a team and becomes the team leader. Anyone who is not part of a workplace team can also register as an individual. 

All registration is done at

The Team Leader encourages everyone in the workplace to cycle to work during the week and reaches out to co-workers who want to try cycling by offering support and information. Team leaders will receive a team leader kit with great resources and prizes to reward team members for cycling. The more people that ride daily, the better chance teams have of winning.

Once your workplace has a team leader, other employees will sign up through the team leader at your workplace or by registering themselves and joining their workplace team online. All reporting (tracking of trips and number of kilometres) is done on the website.


Individual riders

Individual riders, those not part of a workplace team, can also register at

Indicidual riders are encouraged to stop by the celebration stations for free snacks and drinks, bike tune-ups and station prize draws.  

Please note individuals are not eligible to recieve a team leader kit, but they are still eligible for many prizes.


School teams

Each year students of all ages are invited to participate in Bike and Walk to School Week, which runs the same week as Bike to Work Week.

Events are coordinated through the school with the assistance of smartTRIPS staff. Schools can receive a tool kit to help them get started. The starter kit includes incentives to encourage everyone to get to school without using fuel. 

Prizes will also be rewarded to the schools with the highest participation rate. Bike to School Week is a fun way to encourage kids to ride to school regularly and it helps build lifelong cyclists. In addition to getting active, schools also benefit though reduced school zone congestion and fewer idling cars, which helps improve our air quality.

For more information and Bike to School registration, please contact our smartTRIPS event coordinator at

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