Rules of the road

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Be careful at intersections

  • Most accidents occur at intersections
  • Vehicles making turns are particularly dangerous
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Scan the road behind

  • Shoulder check regularly and use a mirror to monitor traffic
  • Be prepared to manoeuvre for safety
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Be aware of car doors

  • Vehicle occupants may unexpectedly open doors
  • If you see people inside a parked car, ride a door-width away
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Ride in a straight line

  • Ride at least one metre from the curb, so you can move around hazards
  • Do not dodge between parked cars
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Use the appropriate lane

  • Do not ride in a right-turn-only lane if you are going through.
  • Move into a through lane early
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Plan your route

  • Try several routes to find one that feels the most comfortable
  • Allow extra time on an unfamiliar route
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Year-round cycling

  • Take extra care in slippery conditions
  • Plan for sudden weather changes and adjust your route and speed
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Be careful with children

  • Everyone, including children, should wear a helmet
  • There is no approved standard or regulation for child carriers
  • Speak to your local bike shop professionals for safety information
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Use lights at night

  • Always use a strong white headlight and red taillight at night and when visibility is poor
  • Additional bike reflectors and reflective clothing is also recommended
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Obey traffic signs & signals

  • In order to be safe, cyclists must obey the rules of the road
  • Cyclists have a legal right to use the road, but must follow the same laws as drivers