Combine cycling and transit

Bikes on the bus

Combining cycling with transit is a great way to help you travel further and gives you another travel option when there are sudden changes in the weather.


All Kelowna Regional Transit buses are equipped with bicycle racks that will carry two bikes.


The racks are very easy to use. Watch the short video or follow the steps below on how to load and unload your bike then jump on board and relax.


How to load your bike

  • Inform the bus driver you are loading your bike - if multiple passengers are boarding the bus, begin
    loading your bike
  • Load your bike from the curb side only
  • To lower the bike rack, push in and squeeze the handle and lower it fully
  • Once the rack is laying flat, lift your bike onto the rack, fitting each wheel into the proper wheel slot (front and rear slots are labelled)
  • To secure your bike, simply raise the support arm as high as you can over the top of the front tire, then release it to let the arm lock down on the bike wheel (the arm is spring loaded and holds your bike down by the front wheel) 

How to unload your bike

  • Inform the driver you’ll be unloading your bike
  • Raise the spring loaded support arm off your bike tire, move the arm back down to its original position
  • Lift your bike off of the rack
  • If there are no other bikes on the rack, fold the rack back up to its original position against the front of the bus by pulling the handle and raising the rack
  • Step to the sidewalk and allow the bus to pull away before getting on your bike