Tips for new cyclists

The right bike

Choosing a bike to best suit your needs can seem overwhelming. With so many different types to choose from, consider what style you find the most comfortable and what you will use the bike for most often. Talk with friends and other cyclists for more information, or better yet speak to your local bike shop professionals about different options to best suit your needs.

You don’t need to buy a new or expensive bike, especially if you are a first time cyclist. You can always move up to a newer bike once you’ve discovered all the joys of riding and have a better sense of your needs. If you're buying a second-hand bike, ask for tips from a friend with mechanical knowledge and be sure to get a professional tune-up before heading out on the road.

Learn to ride

If you are a beginner cyclist, try to find a friend or family member to assist you in getting started. Many people prefer to learn on separated bike pathways or other off-road trails. Check with your local municipality for information about the local bike network and pathways. Google Maps is another resource for finding cycling routes in your area. Just select the bike icon in the directions tool bar area.

Track trips

There are many trip tracking tools available, such as apps provided by Strava, Garmin and Wahoo. Please note that the former trip tracking tool promoted on this page is no longer available.

Take a bike course or join a local riding group

bikers with bike stop signalConsider taking a course to help you develop your cycling skills. Check out the community event page or your local recreation guide for more information on spring or summer cycling courses in your area. Local cycling organizations or your local bike shop may also coordinate group rides for all skill levels.

Participate in GoByBike Week

Participating in GoByBike Week is another great opportunity to gain confidence and meet other riders.