International Walk Month and Walking Competition

International Walk & Wheel to School Month is celebrated each October. This event is a global celebration of active transportation that promotes healthy and safe alternatives to driving to school.  Students, parents, and school staff join their peers from over 40 countries across the world in walking, biking, skateboarding, scootering, or using any other form of active transportation to get to school.

How do I Participate in International Walk and Wheel to School Month or set up a walking competition?

  1. Obtain approval from your school’s principal to participate.
  2. Contact traffic safety officer Dan Glasscock, dan.glasscock@sd23.bc.ca, to get support and confirm possible available prizes for the winning class. You can also secure some of your own school prizes.
  1. This guide will help you plan an event in just 7 days. Plan a one or two-week event in October/April/May. Promote walk_wheel.pptx Days.
  1. Register your school on https://bikewalkroll.org  to track your participation and compare your results with schools across the world! Each teacher can record results for their classroom through the website.

Get involved and celebrate active transportation with us!