Benefits of carpooling

Money matters
Gas prices and parking fees are constantly on the rise. Then you start factoring in maintenance and insurance, and your ride is becoming more expensive every year. Carpooling cuts down those expenses drastically! 

Greening up the roadway
Less cars on the road means less negative environmental and health impacts. From the improvement of our local air quality to reducing the need for more road and parking infrastructure, carpooling (and other smartTRIPS) helps protects our quality of life and makes our community a greener and healthier place.

Stress less
Driving in the stop-and-go traffic can be frustrating. Take turns driving and stress less about the congestion, plus the added bonus of company makes the drive more enjoyable. Who knows, you may just meet some great new friends! 

Carpooling tips

It’s always a good idea to get together as a group and set a few ground rules. This gives everyone a chance to be upfront about their expectations. Below are some points for discussion.

  • Who drives? Is it a shared driving situation or is there one designated driver and vehicle?
  • Smoking/eating: Is it a non-smoking carpool? Will eating be allowed?
  • What are the costs? Establish a fare and payment schedule and stick to it.
  • Where/when do you meet? Determine where you will meet, at what time, and how long you will wait for someone who is late. Be on time.
  • Extra stops? Everyone wants to get to work on time and get home on time. Eliminate extra trips from your carpool route.
  • Back-up plan: for those rare occasions when the car won’t start, make sure you have a current list of home, work and cell phone numbers.