Sharing pathways for improved safety

June 1, 2020

Physical distancing and COVID-19 have changed how people are using outdoor public spaces. Many pathways in Kelowna, for example, saw as much as a 63 per cent increase in users in May compared to previous years. With more people outside, safely sharing pathways is more important than ever. 

Kelowna in particular has seen record-breaking numbers of people of all ages out walking and rolling on shared pathways. Seeing these pathways come to life with people walking and biking has been exciting, and the sharp increase in use makes it important to follow a few simple guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Pathways offer a space for people of all ages and abilities to make essential and recreational trips, get some fresh air and be active. 

Residents can help keep pathways safe for everyone by being mindful of others, staying to the right and passing on the left, and moving to the side when stopping. Those riding bikes should also be sure to slow down and give plenty of space when passing others. 

The use of shared pathways during a pandemic has been a consistent topic of discussion, and many residents have shared how they depend on pathways not only to get around but for their health and well-being as well. By being alert and considerate of others, we can help keep everyone safe.

Residents are also reminded to follow directions from BC’s Medical Health Officer to help curb the spread of COVID-19. This includes following physical distancing guidelines and wearing a face mask when physical distancing is not possible.  

To learn more about road safety, check out ICBC’s road safety tips or visit