Companion Pass Application

The Companion Pass Program was created to allow designated caretakers of persons with disabilities to ride conventional transit free of charge as a trainer or companion for that individual. 

The companion pass that is made available to a designated caretaker is only eligible for use on Kelowna Regional Transit when the caretaker is accompanying a person with disabilities.  The person with disabilities is required to have a valid transit pass. The companion pass cannot be used on its own. Please allow up to three weeks for processing.

Who can apply:

  • Individual caretakers can apply for a companion pass.
  • Organizations can apply for companion passes on behalf of their employees who perform caretaker services.
  • Schools, public and independent, as part of a resource program to provide public transportation training for students

How to apply:

A companion pass can be obtained by filling out this application form.

Organizations (caretaker services): If this is a first-time application, submit a letter from the organization/company that you perform caretaker services for.  This letter must verify your role/organization’s role as a trainer or companion of a person with disabilities. The letter is not required if this is a returning applicant.

Should your application be approved, staff will arrange for distribution of the companion pass which will be valid for one year.



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