Free radon test kit registration form

As part of the national Take Action on Radon initiative, the Regional Air Quality Program is providing 400 free radon test kits to Central Okanagan residents starting in fall 2020. Test kits will be provided on a first-come, first served basis and limited to one test kit per property.

Take Action on Radon is funded by Health Canada and aims to raise awareness on radon across Canada. The Central Okanagan applied to the Community Radon Test Kit Challenge and was awarded 400 radon kits to be delivered in fall 2020. The Regional Air Quality Program, with the support of all municipalities and Interior Health, will provide the radon test kits and a radon awareness webinar to interested residents within the Central Okanagan region, which includes Westbank First Nation, West Kelowna, Lake Country, Peachland, Regional District of Central Okanagan, and Kelowna.

What is radon?*

Radon is a radioactive gas. When we breathe it in, we are exposing our lung tissue to ionizing radiation. This radiation causes damage to the DNA in our lung tissue and can lead to lung cancer.

Radon comes from the ground and is found in every home, though not always at elevated levels. Since Canadian homes are sealed against the weather, radon levels inside our homes can build up to levels that Health Canada considers to be dangerous.

Reducing radon in your home is straightforward and starts with a test. Complete this form to reserve your radon test kit.

*Information provided by Take Action on Radon.


Due to the high response rate, all free test kits have been reserved as of Sept. 15. If you would like to place your name on the wait list, please proceed with completing this form. 

We value your privacy. The collection of information is protected under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act and will only be used as part of the registration process for the radon test kit challenge. Your information will be used to contact you with confirmation details regarding the radon test kits, pick-up locations, and, if selected, the radon webinar.


Contact information

Radon webinar

The Regional Air Quality Program will be hosting a public informational radon webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020 at 6 p.m.

By selecting "yes," you agree to be automatically registered for the webinar and receive registration details via email.

Community collection point

This is the location where you will pick up your radon text kit when available. Staff will contact registrants via email when test kits are ready for pick-up to confirm the address/location of community collection points.