Carpool Month

carpool's Carpool Month takes place in October each year in the Okanagan and throughout Western Canada. In 2016 over a one week period - October 17th to 21st you can compete for your chance to win some great prizes!

By participating in a variety of activities during the week, you'll have a chance to win great prizes, such as gas card and transit passes. When you register with, conduct ride match searches and complete surveys, your name gets entered to win!

Make transportation more fun and social, try tracking your commute using the smartTRIPS trip tracking tool or share your personal carpooling stories or engaging in conversations with via social media any time of the year.  

Thanks to everyone who participated in Carpool Month 2015 and to everyone who visited or talked with us on Twitter and on Facebook. Congratulations to our gas card and transit pass winners! For more detailed information about the Carpool Month campaign, see the preliminary wrap-up report

Benefits of Carpooling

Money Matters
Gas prices and parking fees are constantly on the rise. Then you start factoring in maintenance and insurance, and your ride is becoming more expensive every year. Carpooling cuts down those expenses drastically! Try's Savings Calculator to see how much you could be saving!

Greening up the Roadway
Less cars on the road means less negative environmental and health impacts. From the improvement of our local air quality to reducing the need for more road and parking infrastructure, carpooling (and other smartTRIPS) helps protects our quality of life and makes our community a greener and healthier place.

Stress Less
Driving in the stop-and-go traffic can be frustrating. Take turns driving and stress less about the congestion, plus the added bonus of company makes the drive more enjoyable. Who knows, you may just meet some great new friends! 

Register at

Create a profile at and see the matches in your area and along your route. No commitment is made by signing up!

Walk-through of registering

  1. Input your work/school destination along with your name and email address
  2. Fill out questions on preferences (e.g. smoker or nonsmoker, whether you’d prefer to ride/drive only or both, etc.)
  3. Specify whether or not your commute time and destination is flexible
  4. View your matches
  5. Arrange a meet and greet to set up expectations and guidelines
  6. Start carpooling!

Remember! Carpooling isn't just for commuting to and from work or school, consider it as a transportation option for all activities and events like social and sports outings.