What to wear

One of the great things about cycling is its simplicity. Cyclists really only need two things: a bike (of course) and a helmet. If you are planning to leave your bike parked outside, you should also have one or two high quality locks. After you have been cycling for a while you may also want to consider some additional gear to make cycling easier in all conditions.

   Check out the Safety page for more tips. 








Cycling at night

Being visible is the most important aspect of cycling, next to being predictable.

Whether you are cycling to work or out for an evening ride, use front and rear lights to ensure you can be seen. Test lights regularly. Reflective clothing (or reflective tape or bands added on) is also important. Neon colours are great during the day, but do not provide that extra visibility needed at night. Cycling specific clothing includes reflective elements. 


To learn more about appropriate bike lighting, reflective gear and clothing visit your local bike shop.

Commuting clothes

What you wear will depend on the distance of your commute, weather, and what you find comfortable. For shorter commutes, many people choose to cycle in their work clothes and ride at a relaxed pace to avoid working up a sweat. For longer commutes, or when the weather is unpredictable, many riders will wear athletic clothes and change at work. Bring your clothes in a backpack or bike bag (pannier). Special garment-bag panniers are also available. You may also consider taking in a few days worth of clothes to work and leaving them there, or bring clothes with you on days that you drive or travel by another mode.