Commuter cycling

Cycling to work

When you cycle to work regularly, you are on your way to better health and a more relaxing and productive day. Cycling to work even just once or twice a week will positively impact your health. You’ll quickly notice the benefits physically, mentally and financially!

Plan your route

Once you have found a bike to suit your needs, you will want to plan your route to work. The best route for cycling may not always be your regular driving route, so learn more about your local bike and road network by contacting your municipality or visiting their website.

Be sure to try the smartTRIPS online trip tracking tool. This free tool is a great way to plan, map and save trips, and offers simple ways to share mapped routes with friends and family. You can also track the number of trips made, kilometres travelled, calories burned and greenhouse gas emissions saved through your active travel!  

Google Maps is another resource for finding cycling routes in your area. Just select the bike icon in the directions tool bar. Once you have identified a route that would be best, try cycling the route over the weekend. This will help you feel more comfortable on the road and help you time your ride.

Start small

There is no need to become a cyclist overnight. Many people start riding during Bike to Work Week and then continue through the spring and summer. Some people will choose one or two days a week to ride, while others only enjoy riding in nice weather. See what works for you.  Chances are you will look forward to your ride and how good you feel the rest of the day.

Work facilitiesbike sign

Some employers supply staff with facilities that make cycling even that much easier. If you’re workplace does not have storage, showers or other amenities, ask your employer if they would be interested in exploring extra lockers for bike accessories and possibly even installing a shower. The bike parking page has more information for employers. 


More helpful tips

  • Learn the about cycling safety and rules of the road.
  • Try to find a riding partner to help boost your desire to keep riding and give you an increased sense of safety.
  • Build in time on your trip in case of poor weather, mechanical problem, etc.
  • Tell your boss you are new to commuter cycling in case you are ever late. Chances are you will arrive on time or early most days, but a heads up will be appreciated!
  • Prepare your bike by getting regular professional tune ups and keeping your tires inflated. A properly working bike is more enjoyable to ride.
  • Accessorize your bike with lights, fenders, gear bags and some basic tools to make your ride more enjoyable.
  • Remember to lock up your bike by using a bike rack or renting a bike locker. Visit the City of Kelowna Bike Parking page for more information.