Kelowna Bikeshare Pilot

The Kelowna Bikeshare Pilot is a 18-month partnership with Dropbike to deliver 500-1500 bikes in a dockless bikeshare system within the City of Kelowna. Bikeshare is a system of bikes located at different points in a city that can be used for one-way trips. Pick up a bike somewhere and drop it off near your final destination.

In December 2017, Kelowna City Council directed staff to "bring forward a proposal in 2018 for a potential pilot bikeshare program.” The pilot would last 18 months, start in Spring 2018, and operate at no cost to the municipality.

The Kelowna Bikeshare Pilot will operate as a regional pilot. Lessons learned in the dockless bikeshare pilot  will be shared with STPCO partners. Bikeshare has typically been implemented in areas with high densities as the price of the systems didn't make sense outside of those areas.

New dockless bikeshare operators provide lower capital and operating costs, opening the door to smaller municipalities in the Central Okanagan to deliver bikeshare to their citizens. Dockless bikeshare while lowering costs still poses big questions about risk and disorder. Our hope is to use the lessons learned through this pilot to help build out a framework for STPCO partners to use bikeshare to amplify their existing transit investments and deliver transportation benefits to their communities.

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Matt Worona
Active Transportation Coordinator, Integrated Transportation Department, City of Kelowna and STPCO