STPCO plans & programs

Regional Transportation Plan

The Regional Transportation Plan will help shape the future of the Central Okanagan region by identifying transportation investments that will be needed over the next 20 years.

It is being coordinated with the Kelowna Transportation Master Plan (TMP), the Kelowna Official Community Plan (OCP), the Okanagan Gateway Transportation Study (OGTS), and the Central Okanagan Planning Study (COPS), among other current long-range planning efforts.

Any prioritized options for regional transportation programs and investments that are made in the Regional Transportation Plan will be coordinated with these other long-range plans.

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Okanagan Gateway Transportation Study

The Okanagan Gateway Transportation Study will define future projects, programs and policies that will improve connections to Kelowna International Airport and UBC Okanagan. It will support the vision of the airport, university and surrounding area as a growing, vibrant and connected hub that benefits the whole region.

This plan is being coordinated with, and will help inform, the Regional Transportation Plan.

Regional Bicycling & Trails Master Plan

The Regional Bicycling and Trails Master Plan will provide an update to the 2012 Regional Active Transportation Master Plan.

The 2012 plan presented a future bicycle and pedestrian network to provide safe and convenient travel options, connecting significant destinations across the region. It included design guidelines for a range of active transportation facility types to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for people walking and cycling.

In the years since the plan was created, many active transportation connections have been completed and additional active transportation plans have been developed by jurisdictions within the region.

Additionally, the province has recently released an Active Transportation Strategy. Updating the 2012 plan to align with recent changes will help focus the vision for bicycle and trail connections throughout the Central Okanagan.

The plan is being coordinated with development of the Regional Transportation Plan and is anticipated to be completed in 2020.